Bringing Hope to Houston

Welcome to Houston’s newest iHope Radio 104.5 FM. Just released in February 2019 with the help of community volunteers and music enthusiasts, iHope has been winning over Houstonians with its interactive and controversial daily shows, where listeners get to share their thoughts and experiences.

Our Mission

Entertainment that lifts and builds you up to be your best and to appreciate the best in your life and loved ones. We believe words have the power to influence and transmit good or bad vibes. iHope wants not only to share the beauty of musical art, it wants to give to its listeners the best of words, the best of thoughts, to bring the best out of them and to help them to believe in themselves and achieve. The iHope team of volunteers wants the radio station to also become a point of contact for those who want to help the community through its future social projects. Like that, we help to make a change for the better, one song at a time.