Welcome to Hope for Houston

Our program provides a platform to speakers in the Houston area who share opportunities that are available for the community. We also have special guests throughout the week that come from various backgrounds to share their success story to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs and business owners.

Stay up to date on current events in your community and listen to our 'letter segment' of the show. Are you in a difficult situation and don't know what move to make? If so, send us your question through our facebook and you can be the next letter discussed on the show. Your privacy is very important and you will remain anonymous.

Don't want to send in your letter? No problem, you are still encouraged to be our next caller and let us know if you've been through a similar situation. What did you do? What is your advice?


Advice, special guests, events in your community, and much more!

Get to know your community by staying up to date with upcoming events. Not only recreational but also educational resources that are free and available to you.

Our special guest
This spot is open for all public speakers, rising artist, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, sports players, and much more! Do you want to share a special cause? Speak to our ihope Radio team for more information.

Letter Segment
Are you going through a dilemma, and require sincere advice? Send us your question on our ihope Radio facebook page. You'll remain anonymous and your question will be shared during our letter segment of the show.

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