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Love Life & Lipstick

Love Life and Lipstick is a show full topics full of topics that are relatable with everyone at one point in their lives. You will hear listeners give their input on the importance of parenting, relationships, and even your professional life. Whether your input is so-called "old fashioned" or "modern" we want to hear from you!

Everyone is welcome to give their input on parenting, relationships, and much more.Although the majority of our callers are women, men are highly encouraged to call in and share their thoughts.

Are you going through a situation and would like to hear the know the advice from our hosts, then send us a message on our ihopeRadio facebook page.

Don't miss Love Life & Lipstick.

love life & lipstick

Advice for those who are single and those who are in a relationship.  Regardless of your status, be ready to call in and give us your opinion on juicy topics with your host Chris.

Everything was going as planned,  untill you received that unexpected news, what now? Whether it's in your family, career or personal goals, tune into constructive advice. 

Don't miss our makeup expert Sammy who is will share the hottest trends in the beauty industry, not to mention all the do's and don'ts when it comes to trends!

The 7 Golden Rules That Every Couple Should Follow

The 7 Golden Rules That Every Couple Should Follow