UBB (Universal Beyond Bars)
Weekdays & Weekends 9-10pm     

Universal Beyond Bars is a program to encourage and inspire those who are incarcerated and feel like there is no hope. It also serves to uplift family members and friends who have someone behind bars. This program is filled with testimonials of EX cons who managed to turn their lives around. Universal Beyond Bars not only fills you with hope that people can really change for the better, but it also shows the real struggles behind bars....This aww inspiring show will make you hold tight to your radio and get you hooked.


About Quincy

Coming from a walk of life where he was easily influenced, at a young age Quincy was lead to do drugs and get involved with the wrong crowd. For some people the second chance comes after they have already made the mistake. In his case it was before. Luckily his eyes were open and he took different approach to life before it became too late. The lifestyle he was living would have lead him to be behind bars or even dead. For this reason he has a passion for helping those who are behind bars. He loves to bring hope to those who feel like there is no second chance!