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Hope 4 Houston Morning Show

Weekdays 6am-9am

Hosts: Damien and Mea
Great music, weather and traffic updates, wise sayings, and news updates.
speakoutimallears (1)

Speak Out, I'm All Ears

Weekdays 9am-10am

Hosts: Bishop Bira Fonseca
A show for those who feel burdened and need someone to speak to.

Get Your Money Right

Weekdays 11am-1pm

Hosts: Jonathan
Saving tips, motivational stories, money-related topics, and financial news.

Women Empowerment

Weekdays 1pm-3pm

Hosts: Elsie and Nori
Talking openly about today's topics relevant to women from various perspectives.


Weekdays 3pm-5pm

Hosts: Omar
Great contemporary music, clean and open discussions about relevant topics, talent showcase, sports commentary and celebrity gossip.
prayer for houston

Prayer for Houston

Weekdays 5pm-6pm

Hosts: Bishop Bira Fonseca
A program dedicated to praying for the wellbeing of Houston's residents.

Love, Life & Lipstick

Weekdays 6pm-8pm

Hosts: May and Chris
Great discussions and advice about relationships and life from a women's perspective.
beyond the bars

Beyond the Bars

Weekdays 9pm-10pm

Hosts: Chaplain Quincy and Pastor Natanael
A word of encouragement and restoration to those who are incarcerated and their families.

The Last Hit

Weekdays 10pm-11pm

Hosts: Pastor David
A light of hope to those struggling and suffering due to any kind of addiction.