YOLO Talent Show

The iHope Radio team hosted a YOLO talent show for all the youth in the community. David host of the YOLO show, along with volunteers of the Youth Power Group (YPG) worked together by spreading the word all over Houston.

Thomas aka Ohx (Rapper) whom we know from our previous Talent show, performed a new song he's been working on that resonated with many youths. Along with Ohx, PJ; another crowd's favorite rapper, showed his incredible skills during rap battles.

Although all of the contestants did a fantastic job, our first prize winner was also our youngest contestant. With only 11 years of age, Mauricea Walker sang and hit all high cords as she sang a song dedicated to her mother.

The YOLO team would like to thank everyone who shared their talent, whether it was singing, dancing, or rapping. Keep it up, follow your dreams and remember; YOLO.

Below are some images of what took place during the talent show:

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