The First Yolo Talent Show

The iHope Radio family believes in encouraging dreams and spending positive time together with family and friends. That's why Saturday, April 27th, the YOLO Team hosted it's very first Talent Show.

Omar, Alice, and Malik hosted the event, and with the support of artists and volunteers from the Youth Power Group (YPG) an evening was filled with excitement and a lot of positive energy for the contestants, their families, and friends. Many won prizes on the spot just for showing up and giving support. Among the prizes was a one night stay with all expenses paid at the J W Marriot Hotel.

The event counted with the presence of Hope for Houston's host, Damien, and Women Empowerment hosts, Elsie and Nori. The special guests and contest judges enjoyed every performance and helped each aspiring artist with constructive advice.

Below are pictures of the top three contestants with a difference of as little as one point, quite a hard mission for Damien, Elsie and Nori. The prizes were medals and $50 dollars gift card for 3rd place, $100 gift card for 2nd place, and for 1st place, a trophy, a $300 gift card and to have a song professionally recorded.

1st place: Thomas aka Ohx (Rapper)

"I found Hip Hop at the age of 13 through a lifelong friend named Adrian Jones who has the stage name Korbin pheenix. He showed me how to write and make beats and soon I was helping him produce his songs at 15 years old. Music has always been in my life. My father, when he was out of prison at different times, would show me different songs and have me listen to each part of the song and focus on the delivery and how the melody worked. He could sense that I had a connection with music that was Unbreakable. Over the years I used the knowledge I had gained to write tons of songs. I knew that with the struggles that I went through and the life that I lived I had a story to tell that would be relatable and speak loudly to those in the same situation. When I look at music, I think about life. Because no matter what the songs' content is, the central theme of every song is life. The life we're living, the life that we see around us, or the life we used to live. I'm inspired by those that push the envelope and turn the conventional concept of what music is supposed to sound like. If I'm successful in my goals when it comes to music, then hopefully I will make people look at music differently and respect authentic talent."

2nd place: Miracle (Poetry)

Felicia Hankins, also known as Miracle is a profound poet in Houston. Her honest revelations through vivid, powerful spoken word performances gives audiences a glimpse into her soul. The raw revelations help her connect with, relate to and enthrall all who attend her shows. Hankins has shared her gift at some of the country’s most notable venues, including the famed Improv (Houston), The Ensemble Theater, and Renee’s on the Bayou. Her inspiration came from the constant urge to speak up and enlighten others through experience. The mother of two spends much of her time with her children who she calls her greatest motivation and writing poetry. Her mantra is, “Unbecome everything that’s not helping you become your best self.”

3rd Place: BeeTap Speaks and Dontae (Poetry with guitar)

Houston based spoken word artist, Brittny "BeeTap Speaks" Taplin, has been captivating audiences on stages such as the Improv since late 2018. While new to the poetry scene, she has always had a love for writing, reading, and acting; previously inducted into the thespian society. In addition to her poetry, she is also the creator and host of the podcast "Consciously Tapped In." Through both platforms, her intent is to speak her truth, heal those in need, and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Brittny is a mother to 1 daughter, a taco fanatic, and enjoys long walks with her pet squirrel.

Check below for the pictures of the YOLO Talent Show. Thank you to each performer who took the time to share their talent and make this event a great experience. We appreciate each one of you, and the iHope Team believes you will go far in your journey. We are happy to be a little part of it.

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