Stop Suffering
Weekdays 12am-2am   

Life throws at us many problems each and everyday, however, God has given us faith to overcome the problems and take our lives forward to obtain all that He has promised. Stop suffering is a show that teaches you how to overcome. This show is filled with words of faith, real life testimonies and inspirational songs, helping you to find the way out of suffering and to have peace of mind.


About Bishop Taylor

Bishop Taylor had a broken life . He had a family but was never happy, he came to the point that he contemplated suicide. He was a womanizer, party goer and alcoholic since the age of 8yrs old. He was able to find help at the Stop Suffering ministry and today he is completely delivered. He has a transformed life and is fully dedication in serving the Lord. His greatest joy is to see people’s lives transformed and finding today what He found in the Lord Jesus.